Belarus | Weeks 34–35 of protests (29 March – 11 April)

The worse it is for the people, the better for the authorities?

11 April 2021 | Voice of Belarus
Source: Voice of Belarus

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There is no other way to explain the actions of the official Minsk.

The diplomatic missions of Belarus in other countries will be reduced.

Polish language courses are prohibited, and all public organisations will be tested for loyalty to the state ideology.

Any media can be blocked without a court decision, and journalists covering “illegal mass events” will be considered participants.

Tsikhanouskaya was included in the terrorist list and therefore her bank account where she used to receive social benefits for her disabled child was blocked.

Political prisoners in prisons and pre-trial detention centres are tortured by having chlorine solution poured into their cells.

What other attributes of a fascist regime did dictator Lukashenko fail to fulfill?


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