Belarus | Week 19 of protests (14–20 December)

New videos about humiliation of peaceful protesters

20 December 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: Voice of Belarus. Cover photos: Taken from the video.

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During the 19th week of protests in Belarus, new videos were released showing the dispersal of peaceful protests in August, as well as recordings from the police department with evidence of humiliation and bullying that detainees were subjected to in the pre-trial detention center.

Vitaly Shklyarov, a political strategist, a US citizen, was arrested without any evidence in July this year and spent almost 3 months in a pre-trial detention center in Belarus. In his interview after the release, he spoke ambiguously about Lukashenko’s meeting with arrested opposition representatives in October this year. Shklyarov calls Lukashenko the last dictator and at the same time a caring father who brought his son to prison to meet with political prisoners.

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, Lukashenko visits infectious diseases hospitals trying to show his closeness to the people and care for them.

Dispersal of peaceful protests and arrests continue throughout Belarus. The security forces detained two men who were playing with their children outside.

On 17 December, the European Union approved a new package of sanctions against the Lukashenko regime. 

On 18 December, it was officially announced that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus and the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation (Rosgvardiya) signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement is dated 19 November 2020.

The week ended with traditional Sunday marches. Despite the cold weather, residents of Minsk neighborhoods and many regions of Belarus took to the streets to openly express their disagreement with the current regime.

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