Belarus | Week 18 of protests (7–13 December)

Powerful sanctions on Lukashenko and his revenge on Belarusians

13 December 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: Voice of Belarus. Cover photos: Deutsche Welle (top left), Deutsche Welle (top right), from the video (bottom left), TUT.BY (bottom right)

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The week began with news that clearly hurt Lukashenko. The International Olympic Committee has excluded all members of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus from its events, including the Olympic Games in Tokyo which will be held in 2021. Alexander Lukashenko is the President of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus. But the very next day, an upset Lukashenko called the members of the IOC a gang and publicly declared that he had never gone to the Olympics, which is another lie.

Trying to strengthen his position, the dictator announced his intention to raise an iron curtain and prohibit the majority of Belarusians from leaving the country by land transport. The official reason is coronavirus although no one seriously believes it. In order to reduce the number of new cases, borders are usually closed for entry, not exit. It is obvious to everyone that this is another step of the illegitimate ruler on the way to establishing total control over the “guilty” citizens.

However, no amount of the former president’s hysteria can stop the protest, which has taken on a guerrilla format. It’s become especially clear this week that people have learned to organize and go out on marches regardless of the calls on the popular Telegram channels. Now, they themselves choose the day, time, place and format that they consider most convenient for expressing their attitude towards the anti-Belarusian government.

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