“Lukashenko is preparing a constitutional coup”

4 January 2021 | NAM Belarus
Source: NAM Belarus. Cover photos: president.gov.by

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The head of the National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM), Pavel Latushka, made a statement about the serious danger of the so-called All-Belarusian People’s Assembly and the imminent announcement of the plan to counter the “February anti-people coven”.

What is the danger of the so-called All-Belarusian People’s Assembly (ABPA)?

Lukashenko’s ideas about granting the so-called ABPA the status of a constitutional body and the adoption of amendments to the Constitution have not gone anywhere. Only the broadcasting about it was delegated to someone else. The real agenda of the so-called ABPA is to prepare the next constitutional coup, the result of which may be the official consolidation of the government officials and delegates, instead of you and me, as the only source of power.

What gives us a reason to think so?

1) The idea to modify the Constitution in accordance with the amendments allegedly brought by “people’s representatives” during dialogues is still read between the lines in the news, press releases, and “opinions” of those loyal to the regime media, government agencies, propagandists and officials. At the same time, the official agenda of the meeting is carefully hidden.

2) The “Open Dialogue” events between the government and Belarusian people could only be attended by those from the pre-approved list. In the published materials from those meetings, there is not a word about the real demands of the people.

3) Instead of a public election of the delegates, in accordance with the Constitution and the “Republican and Local Assemblies” Law, self-appointment takes place. Deputies, officials, representatives of pro-government public associations, state-owned enterprises, etc. bypass the law, electing themselves.

4) It is obvious that such composition of the so-called APBA has only one purpose – to become a new constitutional body, which the regime plans to use in the future instead of voters.

Pavel Latushka calls on Belarusians not to ignore the danger of the so-called APBA, its clear anti-people goal, and reminds that the people are still the only source of power and do not intend to transfer it to anyone. The plan of active counteraction of the so-called APBA, developed by the NAM and the Honest People initiative will be released in the upcoming days. None of the delegates of the “February coven” will escape responsibility before the people and the law.