“I won’t let you take him away”

Appeal from Ihar Losik’s wife Darya

11 March 2021 | Radio Svaboda
Source: Voice of Belarus

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The wife of political prisoner Ihar Losik, Darya, turned to Lukashenko to tell her why her husband had been in prison for 9 months.

Ihar Losik, a consultant for Radio Svaboda (Radio Liberty) and administrator of the Telegram channel “Belarus golovnogo mozga” (“Belarus always on my mind”), had initially been charged under an article for organizing and preparing actions that grossly violated public order. Then a new charge, participation in the riots, was brought up against him. Today, on 11 March, a new, even harsher charge, has been introduced. After that, in front of the investigator and his lawyer, Losik tried to cut his wrists and went on a dry hunger strike in protest.

This is the second hunger strike of political prisoner Ihar Losik. Last time he had been on a wet hunger strike for 42 days. With a dry hunger strike, a person dies after 8 – 10 days from dehydration.

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