Ihar Losik ended his hunger strike

“Spring always comes after winter”

25 January 2021, 14:18 | Radio Svaboda
Ihar Losik.
Source: t.me/kyky_org

Radio Svaboda consultant, administrator of the Belamova Telegram channel Ihar Losik ended his hunger strike on the 42nd day. This was announced by lawyer Dzmitry Lepretar, who visited the political prisoner in Zhodzina pre-trial detention center on 25 January.

Through the lawyer, Ihar relayed a message to everyone who supported him:

“I decided to end my hunger strike. Why have I done this? Definitely of my own volition. I haven’t eaten for more than forty days, and I feel the strength and ability to keep on [hunger-striking]. But I was just astonished by an incredible wave of solidarity. And also requests from hundreds and thousands of Belarusians to stop and live healthy to our common victory. 

And I know that many also went on hunger strikes while I was on hunger strike too. I cannot take on such a great burden of responsibility, I do not want others to suffer due to my conscious choice. When reading all your requests in the letters, I realized that I simply cannot upset and make my family and all of you worry.

I never had a desire to somehow stand out, I did not seek publicity.

I just wanted to live in peace and raise my daughter. But I was forced to resort to this extreme measure. 

I was arrested long before the elections, and I was not aware of and did not realize the dramatic changes that had taken place over the past six months. They are not so noticeable from prison. I realized that I can rely on you because you will succeed. Now I am absolutely sure of this. You are no strangers to compassion and solidarity, and they do not care about human lives, about the torment of hundreds of families and children. You will not fail. Now are the times when there are no wrong decisions, when there are deeds.

Spring is sure to follow winter, night gives way to dawn. Historical processes cannot be canceled or stopped by any decrees, arrests or executions.

Many thanks to everyone for their support, I will wait for good news. 

P.S. Many wrote that I would not achieve anything. It’s not true. By my action, I drew attention not only to my case, but also to the situation with political prisoners in our country. Now people are talking about us all loudly and are demanding the release of the innocent people who were arrested and convicted using all possible avenues. This means a lot. I hope that the topic of political prisoners will not disappear from the agenda with the end of my hunger strike. Thank you all again for your support and solidarity.”

  • Ihar Losik has been in jail since 25 June 2020 – it’s 212 days. Since 15 December 2020, Ihar had refused food in protest against a new charge under Article 293 – preparation for participation in mass riots.
  • Earlier, Ihar was charged only under Article 342 of the Criminal Code – organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order.
  • Ihar’s condition began to deteriorate after a month of hunger strike, and last week he was transferred to a cell with 24/7 video surveillance. According to the political prisoner, he has serious problems with blood pressure, which fluctuates widely during the day. Prison doctors periodically visit Ihar in his cell, and a psychologist also talked to him.