Freedom to Ihar Losik

18 January 2021 | NAU
Source: Voice of Belarus. Cover photo: Radio Svaboda

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We appeal to the representatives of the EU, the USA, and the UK and ask them to use all available resources and influence to not let Ihar Losik perish.

Ihar Losik is a journalist, blogger, and the founder of the popular Telegram channel “Belarus golovnogo mozga” [“Belarus always on my mind”].

On 25 June 2020, Ihar was arrested. Since then, he has already been accused of three criminal charges on far-fetched political articles.

Refusing to put up with despotism, Ihar Losik went on a hunger strike on 15 December 2020. As of today, he has been on hunger strike for 35 days. Independent doctors and human rights defenders haven’t been allowed to see him all this time, he is limited in the right to correspond and communicate with lawyers and relatives.

With each day passing, Ihar’s health is deteriorating, there is every reason to believe that the situation is becoming threatening for his life.

Despite numerous requests from relatives, friends, representatives of the democratic forces and other citizens of Belarus, Ihar refuses to end his hunger strike. And the illegitimate government responsible for Ihar being in this situation, simply ignores it.

In this regard, NAU [National Anti-crisis Management – NT] has sent letters to the missions of the EU, the US and the UK and asked them:

  1. Issue an official appeal to the Belarusian authorities and strongly condemn the illegal detention of Ihar, as well as all other political prisoners.
  2. Demand from the authorities to transfer Ihar to a hospital for urgent medical care and allow independent doctors to visit him in order to assess his health, allow his wife and relatives see him so they can persuade him to end the hunger strike.
  3. Address Ihar with the words of support and ask him to end the hunger strike in order to not become a victim of the bloody regime.

Ihar Losik must live.

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