Pavel Latushka – about desperate steps by Belarusian political prisoners

12 March 2021 | Pavel Latushka YouTube channel 
Source: Voice of Belarus

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Pavel Latushka called on the EU leadership to take more decisive steps against Lukashenko. There are thousands of people who endure inhuman treatment in Belarusian prisons, Latushka emphasized.

“Torture is the shortest and most precise definition of what is happening in Belarusian prisons. People are tortured, broken down and forced to incriminate themselves. Such pressure pushes political prisoners to desperate measures,” Latushka said.

Currently, three political prisoners in Belarus are on a hunger strike: Ihar Bantser, Ihar Losik and Dzmitry Furmanau. Ihar Losik and Siarhei Piatrukhin tried to slit their wrists.

“The lives of Belarusians are as important as the lives of the EU citizens,” Pavel Latushka noted. He called on the Europeans to “give a clear signal to their politicians to take action”.

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