Belarusian athletes tell about being tortured and arrested during the protests

7 December 2020, 01:30 | BYHelp-Mediagroup

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Source: Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation

After the presidential elections on 9 August violence became a routine in Belarus. Since that day 30,000 innocent people were imprisoned, among them were athletes.

Thousands underwent psychological pressure, hundreds lost their jobs, many were arrested, beaten and tortured. This is their story.

Kanstantsin Palei: As the protest in jail, I went on a hunger strike.

Ivan Ganin: I was arrested, beaten and put in prison because I’m against the violence. There were six of us in a small prison cell.

Alexandra Sitnikova: We were deprived of basic things such as hot water, room heating or even clean drinkable water. We all got Coronavirus.

Mariya Shakuro: At night we were forced to sleep on the metallic slats with the bright light never switched off.

Evgeny Viarouka: We were not allowed to take a shower, to use a normal toilet or to have some fresh air.

Andrei Krauchanka: We were deprived of our fundamental rights, some of us were deprived of the preparation for the Olympic Games. And all that is because we want the violence to stop.

We are not criminals, we are athletes who play fair game!

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