Belarus | Week 22 of protests (4–10 January)

Hot January; there is going to be no respite

10 January 2021 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: Voice of Belarus. Cover photos: taken from the video

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The events of the first days of 2021 showed that there is going to be no respite in the political confrontation in Belarus. Lukashenko and his lap-dogs launched an active attack on courtyards where people gathered in order to celebrate New Year holidays. In turn, the Belarusians are not expecting any calls for protests and go out on their own to express their attitude to the authorities of Alexander Lukashenko.

Even Christmas holidays did not become an obstacle to harsh detentions. Orthodox Belarusians celebrate Christmas by dressing up in traditional festive costumes. So, people who had gathered for a festive tea party were brutally detained in one of the Minsk courtyards. At least three of them were taken to hospitals with injuries.

Against this backdrop new “leaks” appeared on the internet demonstrating the terrorist essence of the Lukashenko regime. On the recordings of 2012 provided by the former deputy commander of the combat group of the anti-terrorist unit “Almaz” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Ihar Makar, ex-head of the KGB Vadzim Zaitsau openly speaks about the need to eliminate the political opponents of the Belarusian dictator.

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