Lukashenko orders to fire the teachers who do not adhere to state ideology

We investigate what the ideology of the country is

24 August 2020, 11:28 |
Lukashenko fires teachers

The acting president of Belarus, Aleksander Lukashenko, made an announcement at a meeting with the Minister of Education Igor Karpenko on August 24, stating that some school teachers should be supported and others dismissed.

According to the acting president, the authorities have already begun to protect teachers from attacks.

“If someone has crossed over to the other side, we need to deal with them, too,” stressed Aleksander Lukashenko.

According to the acting president, there is state education, state schools, and state ideology in Belarus. Aleksander Lukashenko said:

For those who want to follow these principles, please, you are welcome: instruct, teach, work. Those who do not want to [follow these principles] should not be in schools. This must be communicated directly, frankly, and honestly.

What is the state ideology in Belarus? A quick enquiry

The framework law of Belarus – the Constitution – states that there is no one official ideology in the country. According to the Constitution of Belarus, Article 4:

Democracy in the Republic of Belarus shall be exercised on the basis of diversity of political institutions, ideologies and opinions.

The ideology of political parties, religious or other public associations, social groups may not be made mandatory for citizens.