Subway employee interview about the cruel detain/blood spot

11 August 2020 | Nexta Live 

Hi, What happened here? What is the spot?

Today OMON (translator: riot police in Belarus) beat up the men. Do you see how much blood here? They chased him and beat him up. Now I’m cleaning all of it. The man ran away, OMON wanted to detain him, he ran away. He was innocent, he just stayed at the bus stop and then (translator: she points at the blood spot) the man was beaten up here. The place in his blood.

Did he wait for transport?

Yes, He just waited for public transport.

What’s your name?

I’m Vera.

Do you work here?

Yes, I do. I’m an employee of the subway.

Do such events often happen, here?

Well, you know, I have not seen such things until today. Do you see what’s happening around? Peaceful people are rough up, taken into custody, slain. They (translator: OMON) have arrested my son at night. He was with the friend when they got out of the car and after they were arrested without any reason, for nothing. He will be 10 days in custody.

 It’s frustrating.

It’s devastating. Our country should be for a good life. But, it’s not possible with the current president, Lukashenko. He has to be removed, destroyed. He has to be taken off from our society because he is not a president. He is just a provocateur for the war, for eliminating peaceful people. There is nothing good here.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.