A student from Minsk who was shot at by security forces tells his story

14 October 2020, 14:32 | REFORM
Source: REFORM

Euroradio found Mikhail, who claims to be the young man shot at by the security forces on Tuesday evening, 13 October 2020. Mikhail is a 3rd-year student at the Minsk State Polytechnical College. 

Source: Euroradio

According to Mikhail, he was crossing the road and looking at his phone. 

“Then someone flies into my back, and I’m already lying on the ground. I thought it was some friends or acquaintances who did not estimate the strength properly. I turned around, and saw riot police. I was later told those were not riot police, but people from  GUBOPiK (a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus tasked with investigating organized crime and corruption),” says Mikhail. 

Mikhail asked permission to call his mother, but this was refused and he was taken to a white van. The officers hit him several times and were preparing to tie his hands. “For some reason I attempted to run away, I don’t even know why. And they started shooting,” Mikhail said.

The incident took place around 22:40 at the intersection of Surganov and Kuzma Chorny streets and was captured on video. The video footage shows a young male running through the intersection, followed by two security officials. In the middle of the road, one of the security officials fires in the direction of the young male. After a moment, a second shot is heard.

Source: REFORM