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An audio recording appeared, where the political murders of Lukashenko’s opponents were discussed; Latushka warns that Lukashenko is preparing a constitutional take-over; making snowmen is a punishable crime in Belarus now, and punishments under the most “popular” articles will become even tougher

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Source: ZUBR

Lukashenko, with the help of the KGB, planned the murders of his opponents, including those outside of Belarus

Source: EUobserver

The authoritative Brussels information portal, EUobserver, with reference to the audio recording, reported that the KGB of Belarus was preparing political assassinations on Lukashenko’s orders. It was planned to spend 1.5 million US dollars for these purposes. The audio recording was given to the information portal by the Belarusian oppositionist and former employee of the special unit “Almaz”, Ihar Makar. He emphasizes that he is ready to confirm all the information in the court. According to EUobserver, former high-ranking security officials Aleh Alkaeu, Uladzimir Baradach, Viachaslau Dudkin, who at that time could be in Germany, were supposed to be the victims. Aleh Alkaeu confirmed that the German special services had warned him of a possible attack. The KGB also talked about the Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet, who was living in Moscow at the time. The audio recording tells that the activities of the journalist created problems for the Belarusian authorities, and it was planned to use explosives to murder him, he was under surveillance. Pavel Sheremet lost his life on 20 July, 2016 in Kiev as a result of a car explosion. The prosecutor’s office qualified the incident as a wilful murder, and the defendants did not act independently but carried out orders from certain unidentified persons.

Pavel Latushka: Lukashenko is preparing a constitutional take-over

Pavel Latushka.
Source: NN.BY, Nadzeya Buzhan

Pavel Latushka, the head of the National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM), made a statement about serious danger of the so-called All Belarusian People’s Assembly and informed about the upvoming announcement of the plan to counter the “February anti-people gathering,” – according to NAM’s Facebook page.

A little over a month is left before the All Belarusian People’s Assembly and the authorities have already begun to form lists of delegates. According to experts, the result of the All Belarusian People’s Assembly will be a constitutional reform aimed at keeping Lukashenko in power. Pavel Latushka stated that there are no real representatives of the people in the lists of delegates that have already begun to appear, but there are puppets from among deputies, officials, representatives of pro-government public associations, state enterprises, etc. The politician warned that participation in this illegal meeting will have the most serious consequences. We are talking about Articles 190 (violation of the equality of citizens) and 357 part 2 of the Criminal Code (seizure or retention of state power by unconstitutional means).

“From the mouths of propagandists and state representatives beautiful words are heard about ‘people’s representatives’ and their ideas, but which of the Belarusians gave authority to these representatives? According to the Law ‘On republican and local assemblies’ and according to the Constitution, all representatives must be elected, but instead, deputies and officials appoint themselves and carry out such self-appointments bypassing the law,” said the member of the Presidium of the Coordinating Council, “Each puppet delegate will automatically be entered into the database of The Unified Crime Registration Book, and the actions of the assembly as an organized group will be given a legal assessment,” Latushko stressed. The plan to actively counter the All Belarusian People’s Assembly and amend the Constitution will be announced in the coming days.

An author of a snowman will be tried for unauthorized picketing

Source: NN.BY

In one of the villages of the Gomel region, a local resident made a snowman with a mustache, decorated it with a red scarf, a piece of chain and a pitchfork, and under the snowman he wrote “Long live Belarus”. A neighbor saw this and reported to the police. Now the author of the snowman will be judged under Art. 23.34 for unauthorized picketing, although the man suggested to the district police officer to draw up a protocol not against him, but against the snowman, because the “snowman was the one who was picketing.” Article 23.34 provides for punishment in the form of a warning, fine or administrative arrest up to 15 days.

The pensioners’ march was held in a new format

Source: TUT.BY

The traditional action of pensioners was held in Minsk in an updated format. Several dozen people with flags and posters lined up in a “chain of wise solidarity” along the central avenue near the metro station Ushod. The action lasted about an hour and ended with no detention. The place of the action was concealed. “The wisest gather at the point of wisdom”, “Geolocation: TKNK FF” – this is how the gathering point was described. The action was supported by pensioners in other cities of Belarus.

Belarus intends to impose stricter rules on responsibility for violation of order and extremism

Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved.
Source: BELTA

At a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, the Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Shved made a proposal to amend the legislation where the authorities intend to impose stricter rules on responsibility for extremism and disorderly conduct. Shved said that the amendments will concern not only the strengthening of responsibility for extremism, but “the entire block of legislation, which in one way or another will ensure stability and public security in our country.”

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