Belarus Daily | 3 May

Statistics at the end of April: almost 35,000 have suffered from repressions; US Ambassador Julie Fisher says “it’s not too late”; over the year the number of Belarusian students in Poland increased by 1,300

3 May 2021 | Voice of Belarus
On World Press Freedom Day 11 Belarusian journalists remain behind bars. Since May 2020, journalists in Belarus have been subjected to administrative arrests more than 100 times, in total 516 arrests of journalists have been recorded. Belarus remains the most dangerous European country for media representatives to work in.

Statistics at the end of April: almost 35,000 victims of repressions

According to human rights activists, in April 2021 human rights situation in Belarus continued to deteriorate. The total number of arrests from the beginning of the protests in 2020 to the end of April 2021 amounted to 34,911; 1,103 people were involved in criminal cases, 553 people are currently under arrest. 

In April alone, courts delivered 98 sentences in politically motivated cases. 

Convicted journalist Darya Chultsova.
Source: NN.BY

Julie Fisher to the Belarusian authorities: “It’s not too late”

US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher gave an exclusive interview to Belsat. When asked what message she would send to Lukashenko right now, the ambassador replied: 

“I guess it would be ‘it’s not too late’. It is not too late to make those decisions that would benefit the people of Belarus. I think it is even possible for the United States to help in this situation. We know that the sovereignty of Belarus is very important. There are decisions that Lukashenko will make, and there are decisions that will be made by his entourage and special services, decisions will concern what they want or don’t want to do. I am looking forward to the day when Belarus will be a modern European country. They can do something now to prepare the ground for it.”

Source: BELSAT

Lawyer Zikratski who defended independent journalists left for Vilnius

Lawyer Siarhei Zikratski left Belarus for Vilnius. He said that he can’t work in Minsk right now, but “will continue to do everything possible to change the situation in his country”.

Siarhei Zikratski took part on the defense side in politically motivated cases, defended many Belarusian journalists who were involved in administrative and criminal cases.

In March, the Ministry of Justice revoked Zikratski’s license, and later the Minsk Regional Lawyers’ Association expelled Zikratski from its ranks.

Source: TUT.BY

Over the year, the number of Belarusian students in Poland increased by 1,300 

Currently, over 9,700 Belarusians are receiving higher education in Poland. At the same time, their number of Belarusian students increased by more than 1,300 compared to last year. 

Students of many Belarusian universities were subjected to repressions: some of them were expelled, more than 40 people are being prosecuted, many left the country fearing persecution.

Source: TUT.BY