Belarusian Auschwitz: Karpiankou announced the creation of a camp for political prisoners

An audio recording of the conversation about the murder of Taraikouski and the creation of camps for political prisoners in Belarus has been published

15 January 2021, 10:26 | TUT.BY
Mikalai Karpiankou
Mikalai Karpiankou with a flag in his hand by the coffee shop whose glass door he broke with a
baton, 6 September 2020.
Source: Darya Burakina, TUT.BY

The BYPOL initiative published an audio recording where a man, whose voice is similar to that of the former Head of the GUBOPiK [Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption], and now the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Commander of Internal Troops, Mikalai Karpiankou, tells why Aliaksandr Taraikouski died, and about the meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, in which security forces personnel were told what to do with peaceful protests and protesters.

Among other things, the man with Karpiankou’s voice says that the head of state has the security forces “covered from all angles in terms of the use of weapons”, and also says that Aliaksandr Taraikouski died from a rubber bullet that “hit him on the chest.”

Judging by what the person on the recording says, it happened at the end of October, since the phrase “Therefore, Ivan Vladimirovich Kubrakov, Major General, was appointed Minister [of Internal Affairs], today he was presented with the Lieutenant General shoulder marks” (this happened in the Palace of Independence at a solemn ceremony on 30 October 2020).

Source: By_Pol – the union of the security forces of Belarus

TUT.BY provides a complete transcript of the recording.

“Just inflict some injuries of some description… Cripple him, mutilate him, kill him”

At the beginning of the recording, the person talks about the Russian Yarygin pistol, which the Belarusian security forces were allegedly equipped with. Judging by the sounds on the recording, the person holds the pistol in his hand and demonstrates how it works. In addition, while talking about the pistol, this individual mentions Aliaksandr Taraikouski who died on 10 August 2020.


“We’ve been equipped, I’ll tell you, with a very powerful weapon. It comes out [the sound of a clicking pistol bolt] they got the Russian Yarygin gun (transl.: MP-443 Grach), took it as a basis. Naturally, they are Russians, they wanted to replicate the Swiss SIG Sauer, and made the Yarygin gun.

In this position, it looks like the safety is on, but it’s just to keep on safety, just… just in order to keep the safety on… Everyone’s gonna have to sooner or later errm… The hybrid war is nowhere near over, everyone’s gonna have to use, you must pre-arm it a little bit, and, it comes out, it engages the safety itself.

And even if you, it comes out, take it loaded – don’t. It won’t shoot, the safety’s on. And if, it comes out, you discharge it, respectively… [unclear] It felt like it might have been a traumatic weapon.

Yesterday, it comes out, we took a cardboard box. Folded it into four layers, put it on a chair… [unclear] put it there for him, it comes out, and just tested it. Just took it and tested it. It comes out, the bullet went through the cardboard box and through the chair, it comes out, and it’s clear why that drunk and idiot had died, what’s his name?”

[Voices from the audience: “Taraikouski”]

Aliaksandr Taraikouski with a wound, 10 August 2020.
Aliaksandr Taraikouski with a wound, 10 August 2020.
Source: TASS for TUT.BY

“Yes, Taraikouski, yes, a drunk and an idiot. Of course, he was killed by the rubber bullet that hit him on the chest. He stood there in a T-shirt and I think it wouldn’t get stuck on the other side.

Russian weapons, traumatic weapons, are no different from combat weapons at close range, because a poor Russian needs to protect himself from a Chechen or some Dagestani, understood, yes? Moreover, the country with a cold climate, that’s why only there… More than half of them wear sheepskins.

And so… We turned to them. Told them that we do not have enough, it comes out, traumatic weapons. That we, basically, it comes out, have to solve problems using the rubber stick and the fist. Beyond that, as exclusion, we use stun grenades. Well, and sometimes have to get cunning to unblock roads. But we need, of course, traumatic weapons. And so, it comes out, as per head of state’s directive, a purchase was made, it comes out, of 100 guns. 30 went to SOBR, 20 went to ‘Almaz’, and 50 went to us (GOBUPik).

If a tactical group is going on an easy assignment, like we had… Alikevich went out, had to detain that bike riding moron, and there was a situation where he ‘crashed’. Wonderful! It comes out, 2-3 such guns were required. That’s why, for special assignments, I as commander make a decision regarding additional… [unclear] unbelievable power.

That’s why, as president said, if someone’s pushing toward you – use your weapon, it comes out. Non-lethal. Point-blank: legs, stomach, balls. So that he understands what he’s done after he regains consciousness. Just inflict some injuries of some description… Cripple him, mutilate him, kill him. Use your weapon and shoot him right in the forehead, right in the face, right in the point of no return to the condition he was in before this.

If they resuscitate him, alright then. He’ll be missing half his brain, well, good riddance. Because, basically, all those who take to the streets at the moment to participate in the ‘rail war’, it turns out, those who block the roads, attack the police, throw Molotov cocktails – they are terrorists. These are superfluous people in our country. And a lot, a lot was said about this in the little consultation president had convened.

And today the president said: I know who and what. I know who, it comes out, made everyone here fall asleep. And I know upon whom, it comes out, the order in our state rests at the moment. The police have tasks that they continue to carry out, and do so successfully. Crime levels are down, and the police have another assignment, it comes out, to protect everyone: head of state and his family and those close to him, along with the security service. Protect the MPs and the individuals, it comes out, who run, it comes out, the state… from these threats. And also, it comes out, restore order on the streets.

Mikalai Karpiankou
Mikalai Karpiankou (in a white shirt) during one of the protests near the entrance to the building where the GUBOPiK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs offices are located.

The time has come when not a single law enforcement employee, not even, it comes out, a member of OMON, can afford to attend mass riots without a firearm. That’s why a different time has come. The time, it comes out, for… errm… heavy action while looking over at, let’s say, political moments, as we, it comes out, are a country that… errm… is integrated in the international community and must observe a number of particular actions so as not to look like outsiders. That time, it comes out, is over. A different time has come. And this time, it comes out, requires younger, more decisive people, who stepped over themselves.

And most important… most importantly in these teams, there are commanders, if, it comes out, one were to find the essence in the Minister’s words, these commanders must not fail, as is the case among our personnel, among us. So that everyone is alive, healthy, carries out assignments, restores order and gets back to their daily work.

That’s why Ivan Vladimirovich Kubrakov has been appointed Minister of Internal Affairs, Major General, today he received his Lieutenant General shoulder marks. This is major trust and responsibility for all of the internal affairs bodies personnel. Not someone from the outside, but head office of internal affairs’ chief, who carried all this on his shoulders and lived through it. And I’ll tell you, sometimes I come home, fall asleep, and dream of Kubrakov’s voice and his commands over the radio.

That’s why he was appointed minister and has the broadest powers in terms of firearms, in terms of tactics, and in terms of riot control weapons use, and use of force against the protesters. Аlways deliver a strike, make them dodge those strikes continuously. Always devise combinations. Always be attackicking. The one attackicking is in control. The one on the defense is the victim, wild game.”

“In our country, only one side has the right to use weapons – the state”

“President also said that before the month of December we must deal heavily with all these moments on the streets. Everything was explained to everyone, a Constitution was proposed. He also said that he wouldn’t run for office in the next election. He made it simple, as a human, as a man. [The President said] I know that if I, it comes out, give in to all those persuasions and step down, all of them will be destroyed. And they’ll destroy many of those present in this hall. They will carry out lustrations, they will carry out abuse. All just like it’s written: that we’ll come, we’ll break it all All of this will materialise. The GUBOP will be dissolved; internal troops will be dissolved; they’ll make OMON kneel, abuse them, etc. And many others, whomever they consider. That’s why we’re told to restore order, and order shall be restored. These are the head of state’s directives. So that, it comes out, commanders delivered and gave the order here it is we have weapons in our hands.

Source: TUT.BY

In grandpa Lenin’s words, in our country only one side has the right to use firearms – the state. Anyone else who touches a weapon is a bandit. Bandits and terrorists, and they’ll be treated as such.

Those directives are only with paint, only with gas, and no other way. And not to just spray them, it comes out, errm… This machine’s tactical technical characteristics are such that it shoots 200 liters of water per second. There. On target. It’s like, you know, a water barrel has been thrown at you. It hits with such force that if a person is close to it or is standing beside a lamp post or in the crowd, it can totally crush him. And you are to use it only this way. And use of gas is compulsory, gas is compulsory!”

“Tasked with building a camp for the especially sharp-hoofed”

“A database is being created. In this database, those arrested for the second time, must stay in it. The assignment: to develop and build a camp, build a camp, but not for prisoners of war or even the interned, but a camp for the especially sharp-hoofed, for resettlement. And surround it with barbed wire along the perimeter. Set up two premises: a floor with a furnace, and a floor for feeding, to make sure they work. But they must be kept there, until it all calms down.

Head of state covers us from all angles in terms of using firearms. Of course, no one is to shoot right away like a madman. Give a person a chance in this situation, for him to realize it. But if not… if not then, it comes out, errm… shoot away with all you got! Because that’s the kind of time it is, not a colour revolution a hybrid war.

Source: TUT.BY

And if we fail to hold our ground, the next matter will have to do with the Russian Federation, Russian Federation, it’ll begin to collapse, and then, he says, very little will remain of this Belarus: it’ll be divided… by Lithuania, by Ukraine, by Poland. That’s why the minister rightly said: everything rests upon internal affairs bodies and a number of sub-units – the internal troops, GUVD, OMON, our sub-unit (GUBOP), and CID. That’s it, in short.

He said that everyone would be awarded (on 30 December 2020, Alexander Lukashenko presented awards to security forces personnel, including Mikalai Karpiankou, note by TUT.BY). He said, even if it means thousands of awards, those who, it comes out, take part in direct clashes will be awarded with the order For Personal Courage. Those who were, it turns out, were in clashes, performed tasks, persevered through hardships and losses, are up for the medal For Excellence in the Protection of Public Order. Even if, he says, there are thousands, he says, I will authorize these awards. This is, in principle, what the president said today.”

Pavel Latushka, head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, commented on the audio recording and expressed confidence that this could not be tolerated. “After Karpiankou’s statements, not a shadow of a doubt will remain: all atrocities in Belarus are committed on Lukashenko’s orders, and he is fully aware of it. Karpiankou directly identifies the main duty of the police – no, it’s not to protect the people, but to protect Lukashenko and his family, to protect MPs and other individuals who run the state,” said the politician. “Karpiankou explicitly allows the security forces to maim and kill protesters, guaranteeing complete cover from Lukashenko. “Use your weapon and shoot him right in the forehead, right in the face, right in the point of no return to the condition he was in before this. Head of state covers us from all angles in terms of using firearms,” Karpiankou instructs. He admits that Taraikouski was shot by the security forces. He calls the protesters superfluous people, and promises in all seriousness that a special camp will be built for their resettlement, surrounded with barbed wire.”

Pavel Latushka assured that the audio recording would be presented to all European institutions, OSCE, the Council of Europe, the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council, the official authorities of Russia and the USA. “We will raise the question of recognizing Lukashenko’s regime as terrorist. Once again we appeal to international institutions about the importance of creating an international criminal tribunal for Belarus,” the politician added.