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Authorities vs doctors confrontation continues, civilians terrorized by Lukashenko’s regime, Pavel Latushka talks about power transition scenarios

11 November 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
The poster says: “Cancer must be removed. Oncologists of the Republic of Belarus”.
Source: White Robes Telegram channel

The injuries of peaceful protesters are similar to combat wounds

The confrontation between doctors and authorities continues. 200 doctors signed a collective appeal to defend their arrested colleagues. Job contracts continue being terminated with those who participate in protest rallies. 

The doctors also reported on the nature of injuries the emergency patients were admitted with to hospitals after the 8 November protest. Those were mainly closed TBIs, concussions, and face bruises.

Natallia Kachanava, the parliament upper house speaker, held a meeting with the heads of medical institutions. When talking about the protesters, she said: “Warn them [the protesters] that there will be no dialogue on the streets.”

In response, the chief infectious disease specialist in Minsk wrote on his Facebook: “We have been staying up days and nights in clinics since March, helping COVID-19 patients, vacating Covid beds to finally provide adequate healthcare not because now we have to treat on same very beds hundreds of patients injured by your henchmen, to treat the wounds most doctors saw last time only on the pictures in battlefield medicine textbooks.”

Source: White Robes Telegram channel

Murdered Henadz Shutau became a suspect on a criminal case

Why and how did people die during the protests in August? There is still no information on any criminal cases opened or investigations of deaths and injuries associated with the protests. The relatives of Aliaksandr Vikhor, who died in Homel, were told that the cause of death was heart problems. The claims of Aliaksandr Taraikouski’s and Henadz Shutau’s relatives are still being checked. At the same time, Henadz Shutau, who died of a gunshot wound on 19 August, is still suspected of having resisted law enforcement officers. 

Since the spring 2020, more than 900 criminal cases have been initiated against the presidential candidates, their headquarters activists, and participants in peaceful protests after the elections. Zero cases have been opened to investigate the facts of beatings and murders of civilians in Belarus.

Athletes and mothers with many children at risk

“For four days, we haven’t been able to get in touch with Andrei Krauchanka and Ivan Ganin. Only from the volunteer lists we know they were probably sentenced on 11 November to 10 days. Unfortunately, this is all that is known about the athletes! Judging by the way they were detained, it looked like Ganin and Krauchanka are being held hostage,” states the Instagram page of the Free Association of Athletes SOS_BY_2020.

Andrei Krauchanka, the silver medalist of the 2008 Olympics, and Ivan Ganin, a multiple Belarusian kickboxing champion, who were detained in Minsk on Sunday, are the Free Association of Athletes SOS.BY members. They have repeatedly spoken out against violence and electoral fraud.

Andrei Krauchanka, Ivan Ganin.
Source: BSSF/Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation

The authorities checked Olga Zhadeeva’s living conditions. She is the Pret-a-Portal fashion magazine editor-in-chief and the mother of 5 children. Two years ago she was awarded with the honorary state Order of the Mother.

On the eve, Olga took part in a solidarity chain. The authorities are actively checking the “conditions for raising children” with the aim to blackmail and intimidate as children can be taken away from their families by the social child protection services.

Olga Zhadeeva with her family.

Pavel Latushka announced two power transition scenarios for Belarus

Pavel Latushka, the leader of the protest movement outside Belarus, said the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration had developed two power transition scenarios for Belarus.

The most effective scenario to overcome the ongoing crisis is “the constitutional version of the power transition through public dialogue.”

If this scenario is not possible, then the public-legal mechanism will be applied, which states that the only source of state power and sovereignty in Belarus is the people. The scenario is implemented by “taking the oath to the people of Belarus by Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the President-elect.”

Pavel Latushka.
Source: Pavel Latushka

The Coordinating Council is not having any dialogue with Yury Voskresensky and has not initiated any legislation amendments

Yury Voskresensky announced the registration of a new institution – the “Round Table of Democratic Forces”.

He was released from prison on Alexander Lukashenko’s personal order to hold talks with the opposition, and submit proposals for Constitutional amendments.

According to Voskresensky, the Coordination Council representatives contacted him and have submitted multiple proposals on constitutional legislation reforms, as well as other legal documents. However, Voskresensky refused to name anyone in particular. The reaction of the Coordinating Council was prompt. They stated they were not having any dialogue with Yury Voskresensky, nor have any proposals on changing the current legislation been sent.

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