The All Belarusian People’s Assembly (ABPA): explained from A to Z

8 February 2021 | Vam Pocazalos YouTube Channel
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  • What is the All Belarusian People’s Assembly?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Who invented it?
  • Who is his indispensable beneficiary?

You will find detailed answers to these questions in the video. The All Belarusian People’s Assembly from A to Z, from 1996 to the present day, from Lukashenko to Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko entered politics as a deputy of the 1989 Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR – this form of representative democracy created a structure alternative to the congresses of the “eternal” CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). Lukashenko was motivated to become a deputy at the time by parliamentary immunity: he had beaten a mechanic in his collective farm and did not want to go to prison for it.

Later, after becoming president, Lukashenko successfully used the Soviet format to legitimize his “referendums”. The will of the people is higher than the will of some deputies of the Supreme Council (the ruling parliament at the time) – the 1st ABPA was assembled under this flag. However, it was much more difficult to become a delegate to such a meeting than even to a Soviet congress.

For a quarter of a century, Lukashenko has been holding assemblies of the accountable nomenclature (this one is his sixth) under the guise of popular representation. The voice of the people remains behind the cordons, and if it sounds contrary to the official ideology, it is persecuted “according to the law”. No, no, only the “results of the five-year plan” and “Unity! Development! Independence!”.

See the detailed history of the farce.

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