Head of the detention center demands to replace “unreliable” doctors

15 November 2020, 09:27 | Euroradio Telegram channel

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On 15 November, 2020, a recording of a telephone conversation appeared on the Internet, in which the head of the Akrestina detention center in Minsk, where civilians detained at the protests are tortured and beaten, calls an ambulance with a demand to replace the brigades of “unreliable doctors”. The reason is the following: they sympathize with the prisoners.

Note: The following emergency numbers are used in Belarus:

  • 102 – police
  • 103 – ambulance
Source: Euroradio Telegram Channel. Source cover image: Alexandra Pilipovich-Suschits, TUT.BY. Source Mr. Kenyukh’s photo: the official website of the Administration of the Partizanskii district

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