Belarusian athletes appeal to the global community about the situation in the country

27 September 2020 | SOS BY
Source: SOS BY

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Over 600 athletes, members of the Free Association of Athletes of Belarus (@sos_by_2020), signed an appeal in which, based on the fact that they are part of the people of the Republic of Belarus, the source of democratic power, they demand:

  • That the Presidential elections that took place in Belarus on 9 August, 2020 be declared  invalid due to numerous cases of fraud and, consequently, that new elections be held in accordance with all international standards.
  • That all detained during the demonstrations and political prisoners be released
  • That all illegal activities of law enforcement officials be stopped and those responsible for the beatings and brutal abuse of citizens detained during peaceful demonstrations be punished.
  • That full-fledged medical, psychological, legal and material assistance be provided to all victims of illegal actions of the representatives of power structures.

In their appeal, the athletes also added that, in case of pressure, threats of dismissal or violations of the rights of the athletes who signed the appeal, all athletes will act in solidarity, up to a possible refusal to play for the national team or to organize international and national sports events. In addition, information about these facts will be immediately sent to the IOC, as well as international sports federations and committees.