They went to Akrescina to retrieve their belongings and haven’t returned. Arrests have resumed in Minsk

August 16, 2020, Viasna

Photo by Daria Burakina, TUT.BY

More politically motivated arrests happened in Minsk on the 15th of August. 

Two people previously detained after the 9th of August protests are reportedly detained again. Their names are Sergei Kalesinkevich and Mikita Selezen. They went to retrieve seized possessions after the first arrest. They were let inside, but not out.

From the detention center, they were sent to the Maskouski district precinct. According to the witnesses, they were held under guard at the precinct’s meeting hall. The precinct staff denies keeping Kalesinkevich and Selezen. 

Additionally, in the Uruchye neighborhood, riot police have detained Marat Chardymau, a programmer. Allegedly, he was arrested for placing leaflets on a residence building of a riot policeman.