Video: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's appeal to the European Council

18 August 2020, 19:28 | Strana dlya zhizni

“Honorable leaders of Europe,

For the second week in a row my nation is fighting peacefully for its constitutional right to elect its leaders. The August 9th elections were neither fair, nor transparent. The results were falsified. People, who went out to defend their vote in the streets of their cities all across Belarus, were brutally beaten, imprisoned and tortured by the regime desperately clinging onto power. Hundreds were injured, at least two people lost their lives. This is taking place right now in the middle of Europe.

I call on you not to recognize these fraudulent elections. Mr. Lukashenko has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of our nation and the world. In order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power in my country, I have initiated the National Coordination Council of Belarus. It will lead the process of peaceful transition of power via dialogue. It will immediately call for a new fair and democratic Presidential elections with international supervision. Honorable leaders of Europe, I call on you to support the Awakening of Belarus. I call on all countries to respect the principles of international law. I call to respect the sovereignty of Belarus and the choice of Belarusian people.”