Brest police deploys lethal force

A protestor is wounded

12 August 2020 | Evening Brest
Source: Stanislav Korshunov, TUT.BY

Reported by an official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova in a Telegram channel. She notes that local gatherings were spotted in 25 residential areas last night. In particular, “police in Brest were attacked by a group of aggressively disposed people holding reinforced metal fixtures. Warning shots fired in the air did not deter them. For protection of life and health of police officers, lethal force was used. One of the aggressors is wounded”, Chemodanova reports. She also disclosed that in Zhabinka, an unknown person threw a bottle containing incendiary fluid in the direction of an administrative car, resulting in pavement underneath the vehicle being set on fire.

In total during yesterday’s protests across the country harm was suffered by 14 members of law enforcement, including police and internal military personnel. Some of them report being deliberately ran over. The events have led to 17 criminal investigations. The Ministry of Health reports 51 instances of protest participants asking for medical help.