Lukashenko threatens the Kremlin at the CSTO summit

6 December 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup

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Source: Telegram

Lukashenko threatens the Kremlin with the seizure of Belarus by NATO and the West’s attack on Russia in the event of the fall of his regime. On 2 December, at the summit of the leaders of the countries which are part of CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), the dictator tried with all his might to prove that “the events in Belarus are a springboard for pressure on the Russian Federation.” At the same time, to show the “reality” of threats from the West, he quoted from unnamed sources about “the historical belonging of the Belarusian lands to Poland.”

However, the reaction of the President of the Russian Federation to the fiery speeches of the Belarusian dictator was rather restrained. No serious decisions were taken following the session.

On 4 December, NATO denied the accusations of Alexander Lukashenko that the alliance was preparing a military group to seize the lands of Belarus.

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