Belarus | Week 13 of protests (2-8 November)

Protests are not weakening

9 November 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: Voice of Belarus. Cover photo: TUT.BY

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Despite the dictator’s threats to “tear off hands” and “take no prisoners,” week 13 of protests in Belarus was marked by many protest actions against violence, atrocities of the current government and injustice. New workers, teachers and doctors are joining the strike, and pensioners and people with disabilities take to the streets for marches.

On 5 November 2020, the term of Alexander Lukashenko’s legitimate stay in power officially ended, and Belarusians responded to this with the usual protest actions during “Guy Fawkes Night”.

Sunday, 8 November 2020, was the traditional day for mass marches. Security forces from all over the country were pulled into Minsk and all central districts of the capital were cordoned off. Punishers tried hard to prevent people from gathering. Nevertheless, the protesters managed to organize several columns and march through the streets of the city.

Again, the security forces returned to the brutal suppression of protests, comparable to the events of August. There were more than 1,000 detainees, including famous people in the country: actors, Miss Belarus 2008, athletes, university teachers, doctors and many others.

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