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Belarusians banned from returning to their homeland, “Guy Fawkes Night”, and the detention of people with disabilities during a march

5 November 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: KYKY

Lukashenko ordered to close the border to “smart Belarusians” and Belarusian doctors

On 5 November, Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting that he had given an order to the commander of the border troops to bar not only foreigners but also “those ‘smart Belarusians’ who left our country at this difficult time” from entering the country.

At the same time, Alexander Lukashenko refused to allow doctors who went to work in Poland to return home: “But you have to understand: if you leave, you won’t come back.” At the same time, Lukashenko stated that “this is not a threat, this is an order for the government.”

As a reminder, since 1 April 2020, the Polish authorities have facilitated the employment of doctors and dentists from non-EU countries. Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Poland said that 231 doctors from Belarus work in the country.

At a meeting on measures taken to counter the spread of viral infections, none of those present was wearing a mask.
Source: Nasha Niva

Beaten and crippled Belarusians began to receive refusals to initiate criminal cases

The former rescuer Yury Kryvasheyeu was one of the first to be denied the initiation of a criminal case. He was detained on 11 August in Lahoisk. According to the young man, security officials in balaclavas beat him in a minibus on the way to the temporary detention center. The day before, a member of the Coordination Council, Pavel Latushka, citing insider information, said that 2,300 complaints of torture and violence had been submitted to the Investigative Committee of Belarus; 1,800 had been checked. For 500 applications, there is a complete base of evidence documenting the crimes of the security forces.

Yury Kryvasheyeu.
Source: TUT.BY

The OSCE has announced irrefutable evidence that the elections in Belarus were rigged

This, as well as the alleged violations of human rights in Belarus following the presidential elections, is stated in the report of Wolfgang Benedek. The report was presented on 5 November at a closed meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called for new presidential elections in Belarus: “We pushed for this independent investigation and it has exposed the fraud at the heart of the presidential elections and the despicable actions taken by Lukashenko’s regime to suppress the Belarusian people,” Raab said. “New elections which are free and fair must now be organized, and those responsible for the violence against demonstrators held to account.”
According to the public platforms Golos (“Voice”), Zubr, and the Honest People initiative, at least 30% of election protocols were falsified.

OMON riot police broke into Nina Bahinskaya’s apartment

OMON riot police broke into the house of Nina Bahinskaya – a woman who has become a symbol of Belarusian resistance. Viasna Human Rights Center reported this, citing the daughter of the activist. Neighbors heard 73-year-old Nina shouting, “Save me!” In the courtyard, security officials detained several people, including Bahinskaya’s son. The activist was left at home, nothing was seized during the search.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya spoke about this incident: “Nina Bahinskaya is rightfully called the mother of the Belarusian protest. And when riot police burst into her house, they burst into the house of every peaceful Belarusian. I spoke with Nina and I know how brave she is and with what dignity she alone can resist even the people in balaclavas. I believe that she will be strong enough to withstand this pressure. But I also want to appeal to those who gave and executed the order to break into her apartment: if you are trying to suppress the protest of Belarusians in this way, today you made a huge mistake.”

Nina Bahinskaya at the Women’s March on 29 August 2020.
Source: Nasha Niva

“Guy Fawkes Night” on 5 November in Belarus

Lukashenko’s last term of office ended on 5 November. Despite the fact that he held a secret inauguration on 23 September, from the point of view of the law, as well as in the opinion of most Belarusians and other states, Lukashenko’s legitimacy has expired. In honor of this event, Belarusians across the country decided to arrange a “Guy Fawkes Night” – to burn effigies of Lukashenko and people close to him at the stake.

Source: KYKY
Source: KYKY
The inscription on the poster: “How much can you lie?”
Source: KYKY

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Detentions took place during the March of People with Disabilities

Several hundred people with disabilities made their way between the two main squares of Minsk – from Nezalezhnastsi (Independence Square) to Kastrychnitskaya (October Square). This is the 4th protest march of people with disabilities against the Lukashenko regime. At the end of the event, two women and two journalists were detained.

Source: Onliner
Source: Onliner

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