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Blocked accounts of violence victims, humiliation of healthcare workers, Lukashenko’s threat to liquidate private companies

10 November 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: BELSAT

Humiliation and tortures of healthcare workers during arrest, new sentences in the courts, chain of solidarity by their colleagues

On the morning of 10 November, healthcare workers again lined up in a chain of solidarity to show their support for arrested colleagues.

At the same time, five doctors were convicted and sentenced for arrest. One of them was 66 years old.

Endoscopist Iryna Markelava who was arrested on 8 November and whose case was sent for revision spoke about inhuman treatment of the detainees:

“It was a smell, like if a gas was released. Everyone started to cough. I felt like I could not breathe. I had laryngospasm, that is, my vocal cords were completely closed, it was impossible to inhale or exhale. This is the state when you know: you are dying.

As in the prisoner transporter, a white-red-white flag was lying on the floor at the prison entrance. One woman tried not to step on the flag, and got hit for that. We were forced to crouch down the corridors like geese. Even 60-70 year old retirees had to walk like that. One woman could not do it because of her joint problems.

We were stripped naked. Even crotch was examined. Then I was taken to a cell. At night more women were brought. There were 27 women in a six-people cell. It was impossible to breathe. There was not enough oxygen. We were not fed for more than a day.”

Source: TUT.BY

Solidarity actions every day

This is society reaction to authorities torture and violence. In Minsk, women again lined up in a chain of solidarity. To remind you, the first women’s action took place on 12 August when the Belarusians were shocked by the inhuman treatment of the detainees on 9-11 August.

Today solidarity actions were also held in the other parts of Minsk, including traditional courtyard concerts. It is worth noting that participants of these concerts are regularly detained. A few days ago well-known musicians Andrus Takindang and Leonid Pavlenok were arrested for 15 days.

Source: TUT.BY

The authorities stole almost 1,5 million rubles from the accounts of the regime’s victims

Law enforcement agencies began to block the accounts of the injured Belarusians who received compensation from the By_help initiative. Currently, more than 60 cases are known. If a specific account had no money at the time of blocking, it showed a negative amount equaled to compensation.

“I will give details and plan of actions later. But one thing is clear: in addition to beating the Belarusians, the occupiers also stole the money that we paid to the victims of torture. Today 1,400,000 rubles were stolen from the accounts of hundreds of Belarusians. That was the compensation for being tortured by monsters in black clothes who are scared to even show their faces,” Alexey Leonchik, co-founder of the By_help Foundation, said.

But foundations will continue to transfer funds through other channels. Applications from victims will still be accepted and processed.

Lukashenko demanded to create trade unions in private companies or they will be liquidated

Today Alexander Lukashenko met with Mikhail Orda, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. “If private companies do not create trade unions by the end of the year, they will be liquidated,” – the illegitimate president of Belarus said.


UK expelled two Belarusian diplomats

This was a response to the announcement of two British diplomats persona non grata in Belarus. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said: “The United Kingdom will not be intimidated by the attempts of the Lukashenko’s regime to make us silent about election fraud and the horrible violence against the Belarusian people. Today we expelled two Belarusian diplomats in response to the unjustified expulsion of our diplomats.”

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