“Don’t wait for me to come back home, I am in a prison vehicle”

16 October 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup

Dedicated to all free and courageous women of Belarus. To remember and be proud of everyone who does everything possible in order to resist the evil that is happening on our land. Women who risk being imprisoned every day, despite the pain they have endured, still take to the streets of cities to show the power of beauty and love.

Authors: Anna Zlatkovskaya, Ksenia Iontseva, Elena Bondarenko, Victoria Efimova

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Source: Voice of Belarus

Text to the video:

This is our life today, mom,
To look through the lists and
Send a message from a prison van.
Which pills are needed.
In which police department you are taken
If you have managed to notify.
I am not beaten, almost fine.

While leaving home –
Three plates with food and water for pets,
Keys – to the girl next door.
Only one thought –
Should I take a phone with me or not?

This is our life today, my daughter,
I am glad they didn’t catch you.
I got twisted badly,
My arm is hurting but mostly my heart is.
Don’t get sour, bring blockers.
Feed the cat.
And one more, take out the laundry.
I knew I would be back home.
How can you be so naive,
When the usurper rules the country?

This is our life today, my friend,
Only yesterday we joked,
That we don’t meet up at the kitchen
As we did before
Drinking wine and chatting.
More and more flowers and chants in the crowd.
But today you were stolen,
But I didn’t manage to rescue you…

This is our life today, my granny,
You still remember the echo of the war.
A flame that burns with hatred.
Concentration camps and terrible hunger.
As you cried under the scanty blanket,
Asking mother to bring some bread.
And begging the Heaven
To bring the day of victory closer
And erase the concept of “fascism” forever.

But it has come back, granny, I am sorry.

Who is to blame?
The answer is shame, bewilderment.
What is to be done?
You know for sure…

My friend, my mom, my daughter and my sister –
We match shoulder to shoulder
Holding flowers and posters in our hands
Smiles, tears and a bit of fear.

“Don’t wait for me to come back home,
I am in a prison van”.

And only dream we all have
longing from a day of no return –
all this is not in vain.

We will PRE-VAIL!
Or even better –
We have already won.

One chant of streets without war.

One of the best congratulations.

This is our life in Belarus today.

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