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NAM collapsed Belarusian Eurobonds quotes; Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs called protesters enemies and superfluous people; Belarusian authorities created unprecedented pressure on a Minsk residential neighborhood; BSSF urged UEC to move European Track Cycling Championship from Minsk

16 March 2021 | ​Voice of Bealrus
Solidarity action in the Minsk subway. According to the participants, the red ribbons symbolize the blood and suffering of the political prisoners who had gone on hunger strikes and tried to slit their wrists in despair.
Source: TUT.BY

NAM collapsed Belarusian Eurobonds quotes

Among other things, the experts ​associate​ the collapse of the Belarusian Eurobonds quotes with attracting the attention to the problem of Belarus by the National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM).

In February, the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka appealed to the investment funds from the UK, France, Switzerland, the United States, and other countries. These investment funds bought $1.2 billion worth of Belarusian Eurobonds before the 2020 election when Alexander Lukashenko had already begun to imprison his potential contenders in the presidential election.

As a result, in March three Danish investment funds BankInvest, Jyske Invest, and Sparinvest announced​ the sale of the Belarusian government bonds due to the political situation in Belarus. On 11 March, Nordea Asset Management fund that ​had​ €30 million in Belarusian Eurobonds, followed the example of the Danish investment funds. Then, the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank announced​ that it was ready to negotiate on the Belarusian state bonds with the Belarusian democratic forces.

The NAM has noted that work in this direction continues. “So far, the Eurobonds have been sold to other holders, but we believe that soon bond debts will be presented for early redemption. We’d like to warn the investment funds that have seized the opportunity to buy Belarusian Eurobonds from the funds that have decided to sell them as a result of the NAM campaign: this is not the best decision – it can bring about financial and reputational losses,” NAM representatives said. The NAM’s goal is “the recognition of Lukashenko’s illegitimacy at the level of the ​International Monetary Fund​ so that the regime can no longer finance repressions through external borrowings”.

In this situation, an investigation by the EU and US regulators regarding the last issue of Belarus Eurobonds may be initiated. This will give legal grounds for canceling the deal on the placement of the last Eurobonds issue, and the Belarusian government will be forced to return previously attracted funds to the investors.


Deputy Interior Minister Mikalai Karpiankou called the protesters superfluous in an interview with a Russian newspaper

Here are some ​quotes​ from Mikalai Karpiankou’s interview.

“In the Year of National Unity, all these white-red-white supporters, who’ve been included in the databases, will atone by labor for the harm they have caused to the state. Everyone else has nothing to fear.”

“I was harassed. It was so low of them to threaten my children, grandchildren, and wife. They called my relatives and said: ‘We are coming to kill you’, ‘We are coming to burn you.’ All this has to be experienced to understand who we are dealing with. They are the absolute enemies of our people and state. These are superfluous people in our society.”

“The protesters don’t even deserve the honor of my talking about them. Are they even true citizens of Belarus? Yes, there is a control date on 25 March, Freedom Day, when they crawl out to celebrate this holiday.”

12 people stand accused of organizing student marches

The Investigative Committee ​has completed​ the investigation of the criminal case on the organization of ​student marches​. Among the accused 12 people are students of Minsk universities, 1 professor, and 1 member of the Coordination Council. The defendants were charged under part two of Article 17 and part one of Article 342 of the Criminal Code (organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order committed by a group of people). They have been in custody.

According to the information obtained in the process of the criminal investigation, these university representatives were managing Telegram channels, calling for participation in rallies, creating and distributing flyers, and controlling the protesters. The student demonstrators were blocking corridors and staircases, obstructing the free movement of other students, professors, and visitors, making noise (shouting, whistling, singing). As a result, “the educational process was disrupted”.


Residents of the Minsk neighborhood Novaya Baravaya have been experiencing unprecedented pressure

Residents of Novaya Baravaya neighborhood, known for its protest activity, have ​been experiencing​ unprecedented pressure for almost a week. The security forces are detaining local residents by sneaking into the entrances of the apartment buildings and trying to get into apartments by breaking down the doors.

On Wednesday evening the area developer A-100 Comfort reported an accident that might lead to power outages, elevator and electromagnetic lock malfunctions; water and heating systems might be shut down.

It is worth noting that in November 2020 residents of Novaya Baravaya had already spent a few days ​without water​. These kinds of problems are perceived here as a way of pressuring people.

Source: ​TUT.BY

Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation called on the UEC to move the European Track Cycling Championship from Minsk

The Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation ​calls​ on the European Cycling Union (UEC) to move the 2021 European Track Cycling Championship from Belarus. The competitions are to be held from 23 to 27 June 2021 in Minsk. According to the Fund, the UEC leadership does not intend to move the European Championship from Belarus. The location and dates of the event stay on the UEC calendar.