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Lukashenko wants “to scorch with fire” businesses disloyal to the regime; a mentally disabled young man was sentenced to two years in prison for participating in protests; the KGB launched a “witch hunt”

12 February 2021 | Voice of Belarus
Cardiologists took part in a flash mob against the All Belarusian People’s Assembly. “Aren’t you ashamed?” The initial letter of each word forms the abbreviation VNS.

Lukashenko said why he “could care less” about Babaryka and why businessmen shouldn’t get involved in politics

The second day of the All Belarusian People’s Assembly has gone by. Lukashenko threatened to “scorch with fire” disloyal businesses. He also criticized the simplification of the registration process of private companies and licensing of private medical centers.

He said that he had never thought of Babaryka as a competitor and that “half of” the government officials were “white-red-white flag supporters” (adherents of the opposition – ed.). He also announced a victory over corruption in the traffic police.

Source: TUT.BY

A mentally disabled young man received two years in prison because he had confessed to participating in the riots, and other surprises of the Belarusian court system

The court considered the administrative case of a TUT.BY journalist, Nadzeya Kalinina. Nadzeya was detained on 29 January when she tried to get into the congress of delegates of the All Belarusian People’s Assembly in Minsk. The protocols indicate that she had staged a picket “for fair elections”. The journalist was found guilty and fined 80 basic units (2,320 rubles). 

Tatsiana Skaptsova-Piatrouskaya, a TUT.BY freelance author, and her husband were sentenced to 15 days of detention. The court found them guilty of “picketing by hanging a flag on the window in their apartment”.

The court sent a young man with a mental disability to a penal colony for two years. The reason is his participation in the summer 2020 riots. The basis for the guilty verdict of Dzmitry Gopta is his confession during the investigation. However, his mother is skeptical about Dzmitry’s testimony. She says that his psychological age is that of a 6–7-year-old. The question that now tears the mother’s heart apart is how her son will survive in prison with such a diagnosis. According to international classification, the diagnosis of F70.1 is “a significant behavior disorder that requires care and treatment”. Dzmitry does not lead a completely independent life and needs constant care and attention.

Dzmitry Gopta in court on the day of the verdict.
Source: TUT.BY

Another sporting event might be canceled

Following the world hockey and pentathlon championships, the biathlon part of the World Cup, which is to be held in Belarus, Raubichy in 2022, might be canceled. The decision to hold this part of the competition in Belarus has been submitted for review by the Executive Committee of the International Biathlon Union. The final decision on the transfer will be announced no later than September 2021.


Signed in support of an alternative presidential candidate in summer – out of the KGB: A “mass purge” has begun in the security forces

BYPOL reported the “purge” of employees at the State Security Committee. According to the initiative, it applies to all those who had not signed in support of Lukashenko during the summer collection of signatures for the presidential nomination.

Senior citizens, suspected of being disloyal to the Lukashenko regime, are also affected. They are being removed from the ranks of former KGB officers and are now just regular military senior citizens with no additional privileges. Among those deprived of privileges, there even happened to be a former head of the KGB, Uladzimir Matskevich, and a former head of the Presidential Security Service, Yury Barodzich.


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