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The Coordination Council will help businesses that have suffered from repressions, you can be deprived of your freedom for hanging a flag in your window, and a stun grenade wound is considered an “accident” – this is how Belarus celebrated Human Rights Day

10 December 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
The emblem “Pahonia” on this wall has been painted green by utility service more than a dozen times. The residents of the courtyard decided that it still turned out beautifully, and made a frame (the inscription above the frame “Square of Truth”).
Source: Nasha Niva Telegram channel

Representatives of diplomatic missions met with the Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs: he called their address disruptive political tactics

On 9 December the heads of the diplomatic missions of the European Union and the EU member states represented in Minsk, as well as the UK, Switzerland and the United States, met with the Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Uladzimir Makei. 

The diplomats asked about the plans of the Belarusian authorities regarding the fulfillment of the requirements of the Constitution of the country and international obligations that relate to fundamental rights and freedoms, and also the rule of law. In particular, this could manifest itself in:

  • Ending detentions, violence, and inhumane treatment of peaceful protesters;
  • The release of all political prisoners and those unjustly detained; 
  • Prosecution of those who authorized and committed acts of violence and inhumane treatment that resulted in injury, trauma, loss of life and general lawlessness; 
  • Free and fair elections under independent supervision.

In response, Makei called the demands made by the ambassadors’ disruptive political tactics.

“Yes, indeed, the representative of the European Union read out a propaganda leaflet with the requirements mentioned in the message of the mission. In a strange way, in our opinion, these points coincide with the elements of the program of the emigrated radical opponents of the authorities in power […] Although diplomats, from my point of view, should be impartial and take an appropriate neutral position on certain issues. But for God’s sake, let it remain on their conscience.”

Source: Nasha Niva

“Za Delo” – a new project for a business that have suffered from repression

The Coordination Council has launched a new project “Za Delo!” (a play on words is hidden in its name, one meaning refers to the struggle for your business, the second means a feeling that does not allow you to remain indifferent). The website will collect a database of evidence of pressure on businesses for political reasons.

“Everyone has the right to protection, including businesses. ‘Za Delo’ is a tool to help businesses, through which each company can state about being victims of repressions and expect compensation in the future,” commented Tatsiana Marynich, a member of the Coordination Council.

Minsk police breaks the glass of a cafe after one of the Sunday marches in August.
Source: Onliner

Minsk police call a flag hanged outside a window a picket

The General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has officially announced that it considers the white-red-white color combinations on the windows as picketing. For this, the owner of the apartment can receive a fine of 30 basic units (about 300 euros) or be arrested. At the same time, the Law “On Mass Events” clearly states that “picketing is a public expression by a citizen or a group of citizens their socio-political, group, personal or other interests or protest, including through a hunger strike, on any problems with the use or without using posters, banners and other means”. That is, the participation in a picket, lawyers explain, should be taken directly by a citizen, it’s not a separate object that hangs not even in a public place, but on private property.

However, law enforcement agencies do not listen to the arguments of lawyers – several people have already been detained and convicted for flags hanging in the windows of their apartments.

Source: TUT.BY

The Belarusians continue to protest in any way possible

Girls with white-red-white umbrellas and under the slogan “I walk” walked around Minsk again. The participants of the walks are few in number, but their umbrellas can be seen in the center of Minsk every week.

Source: TUT.BY

The bus driver, who was wounded by a grenade near “Pushkinskaya” metro station, was refused to initiate a criminal case

Pavel Sibiliou is a city bus driver in Minsk. On 10 August, his bus was blocked due to mass protests. After dropping off passengers, Pavel and his colleagues from other buses and trolleybuses waited until it would be possible to move. The man was wounded by a stun grenade when he was returning to the bus – the grenade exploded 1 meter away from him. Pavel spent a month in the hospital. He received a mine wound in the loins area with extensive damage of soft tissues, a gunshot fracture of the processes of the spinal bone, multiple superficial injuries on the left shoulder, and kidney contusion.

But the inspection considered the incident to be an accident and did not see intent and abuse of authority in the actions of the security officers, thus Pavel was refused to initiate proceedings and investigate.

Source: TUT.BY

One of the largest universities in the country, the Belarusian National Technical University, celebrates its 100th anniversary, its professors talked about their salaries

On the day of the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU), Lukashenko came to greet the institution.

However, teachers and students celebrated this holiday in their own way.

The teachers showed their pay sheets. So, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Vadzim Hryniou worked at BNTU for eight years, before that – 12 years at Polatsk State University. A monthly pay he received is about 387 euros. Yury Huminski, a BNTU graduate, entered postgraduate studies in 2012, after graduation he stayed at the Foundry Machinery and Technology Department. He is now a senior lecturer. In October, Yury received a pay of little over 200 euros. Other lecturers have the same income level.

The students, in turn, published a video message and sent a letter to 113 foreign partners of the university with information “about repressions against students and teachers, threats from the administration” and other negative aspects. This was reported by the Telegram channel “Polytech 97%”.

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